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Women Clothes List

Women Clothes List
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Women Clothes List

Women Clothes List:- In this section we will read about Women Clothes List .  What is the Women Clothes List, we will read in detail about these all.


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There are clothing stores packed with items, all over the world, many of which are women’s. It is not uncommon to find that the women’s clothing sections are much bigger than others and so there are a lot of items to learn.


In this section, you will be able to gain confidence in naming the various ‘ items of clothing with their English names.


Women’s clothes are articles of clothing designed for and worn by women. Typical women’s clothes include skirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, trousers, coats, chemises, and jeans.

Women’s Clothing vocabulary:

Some articles of clothing and geared specifically towards women, but most of the items are the same as items of men’s clothing. The difference is that the clothes are designed to fit women and sold in a separate range from the men’s clothes.


Learn women’s clothing names with and examples to improve your English, particularly your clothes vocabulary.


Women had different kinds of clothes. Skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes are usually seen as women’s clothes in English.



Clothes Vocabulary in English

Women Clothes List:-


No.-1. Sweater

No.-2. T-shirt

No.-3. Sheath dress

No.-4. Dress

No.-5. Gym clothes

No.-6. Bra

No.-7. Tank top

No.-8. Shorts

No.- 9. Hoodie

No.-10. Jeans

No.-11. Long coat

No.-12. Uniform

No.-13. Coat

No.-14. Dress pants

No.-15. Swimsuit

No.-16. Long-sleeve top

No.-17. Skirt

No.-18. Thong

No.-19. Hat

No.-20. Necklace

No.-21. Ring

No.-22. Earrings

No.-23. Perfume

No.-24. Mittens

No.-25. Sunglasses

No.-27. Handbag

No.-28. Bracelet

No.-29. Purse

No.-30. Watch

No.-31. Umbrella

No.-32. Scarf

No.-33. Slip

No.-34. High-heeled shoes

No.-35. Flip-flops

No.-36. Boots

No.-37. Stockings

No.-38. Jacket


Women’s Clothing Names:-


No.-1.Wedding dress:– Her wedding dress was absolutely exquisite.


No.-2. Sweater– The new sweater was a tight fit.


No.-3. T-shirt– $80 for a T-shirt! What a rip-off!


No.-4. Sheath dress– Sheath dresses will be worn under coats and jackets.


No.-5. Dress – I will not wear this dress if you object to it.


No.-6. Gym clothes– Susan’s gym clothes did not fit her very well.


No.-7. Bra– You need a new bra.


No.-8. Tank top– A tank top is perfectly suitable for dining in a fancy restaurant.


No.- 9. Shorts– She was dressed casually in shorts and a T-shirt.


No.-10. Hoodie– My sister wears her lovely hoodie every day.


No.-11. Jeans– Jeans are popular among the young.


No.-12. Long coat– I hate this long coat.


No.-13. Uniform– I don’t like the color of our uniform.


Women’s Clothing Names

Clothes Vocabulary in English

No.-14. Coat– I bought a coat, shoes and a new wallet.


No.-15. Dress pants– She wears a jacket and dress pants, not a robe.


No.-16. Swimsuit– She was a good swimmer in her swimsuit.


No.-17. Long-sleeve top– Emma has already bought a long-sleeve top.


No.-18. Skirt– The skirt was below forty dollars.


No.-19. Thong– Women felt a thong was too revealing to wear in public.


No.-20. Hat– I recognized Mary by her hat.


No.-21. Necklace– My husband gave me a $ 27, 000 necklace.


No.-22. Ring– She selected a gold ring.



No.-23. Earrings– She wore a pair of earrings.



No.-24. Perfume– I can smell your perfume a mile away.



No.-25. Mittens– I think I need a pair of mittens.


No.-26. Sunglasses– Her sunglasses had fallen into the pond.


No.-27. Handbag– The girl bought a nice handbag.



No.-28. Bracelet– The bracelet is very beautiful.



No.-29. Purse– The lady put her wallet in her purse.


No.-30. Watch– I check my watch.

Women’s Clothing Names:

No.-31. Umbrella– She let down her umbrella and furled it.


No.-32. Scarf– She unwound the scarf from her neck.


No.-33. Slip– This is her slip.


No.-34. High-heeled shoes– I want to have a pair of high-heeled shoes.


No.-35. Flip-flops– I don’t want to meet him in my flip – flops.


No.-36. Boots– She put on the boots.


No.-37. Stockings– She has lost a pair of stockings.


No.-38. Jacket– She’s only wearing a thin summer jacket.













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