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Ways to Say Hello

Ways to Say Hello
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Ways to Say Hello


Ways to Say Hello: – In this section we will read about Ways to Say Hello in English and what are the examples of Ways to Say Hello in English, we will read in detail about all these.


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List of different ways to say Hello with examples. Learn these Hello synonyms to enhance your vocabulary and improve your communication skill in English.


Different Ways to Say Hello:-


No.-1.Hi there



No.-4.Hey, What’s up?


No.-6.What’s going on?

No.-7.Hey! There she/he is

No.-8.How’s everything?

No.-9.How are things?

No.-10.Good to see you

No.-11.Great to see you

No.-12.Nice to see you

No.-13.What’s happening

No.-14.How’s it going?

No.-15.Good evening


Fun ways to say hello:-

No.-16.Hey, boo

No.-17.How are you?

No.-18.Nice to meet you!

No.-19.Long time no see

No.-20.What’s the good word?

No.-21.What’s new?

No.-22.Look who it is!

No.-23.How have you been?

No.-24.  Nice to see you again.

No.-25.How are you doing today?

No.-26.What have you been up to?

No.-27.How are you feeling today?

No.-28.Look what the cat dragged in!

No.-29.Good afternoon, sir, how are you today?

No.-30.Hello Synonyms with Example Sentences


Useful Hello Synonyms in English


List of greetings with example sentences in English.


No.-1.Hi there: -Example: Oh, it’s you David! Hi there!


No.-2.Howdy: -Example: I can still grind it out and say howdy to people.


No.-3.Greetings: – Example: He extended his hand as a greeting.


No.-4.Hey, What’s up?: -Example: Hey, what’s up? Why are you so angry.


No.-5.Morning/afternoon/evening: -Example: Morning sir, how can I help you?


No.-6.What’s going on?: -Example: Tom, what’s going on? You looks tired.


No.-7.Hey! There she/he is: -Example: Hey! There she is. She is gorgeous.


No.-8.How’s everything?: -Example: How’s everything going with you?



Funny ways to say hello:-

No.-9.How are things?: -Example: How are things going?


No.-10.Good to see you: -Example: I’m Tom, it’s good to see you.


No.-11.Great to see you: -Example: It’s great to see you again, John.


No.-12.Nice to see you: -Example: It’s nice to see you again, David.


No.-13.What’s happening: -Example: Hey, what’s happening my son, you look tired.



Different ways to say hello

No.-14.How’s it going?: -Example: Hey guys, how’s it going?


No.-15.Good evening: -Example: Good evening, everyone!


No.-16.Hey, boo: -Example: Hey, boo, how are you?


No.-17.How are you?: -Example: How are you, John?


No.-18.Nice to meet you!: -Example: Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Tom.


No.-19.Long time no see: -Example: Hey Susan. Long time no see. How have you been?


No.-20.What’s the good word?: -Example: What’s the good word for today?


No.-21.What’s new?: -Example: What’s new?



Ways to say hello in English:-

No.-22.Look who it is!: -Example: Look who it is!


No.-23.How have you been?: -Example: How have you been lately?


No.-24.Nice to see you again.: -Example: Nice to see you again John.


No.-25.Greetings and salutations!: -Example: Greetings and felicitations! Welcome to our talent show!


No.-26.How are you doing today?: -Example: How are you doing today?


No.-27.What have you been up to?: -Example: Hey mate, what have you been up to?


No.-28.How are you feeling today?: -Example: How are you feeling today?


No.-29.Look what the cat dragged in!: -Example: Look Tom, what the cat dragged in!


No.-30.Good afternoon, sir, how are you today?: -Example: Good afternoon, sir, how are you today?






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