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Summer Clothes and Accessories

Summer Clothes and Accessories

Summer Clothes and Accessories:-  In this post we learn a useful list of Summer clothes names with examples to increase your vocabulary words about clothes. Would you understand if someone asked you if you have a pair of shorts in an English speaking country?


There are many items of clothing which are worn in the summer time and it is important that you are able to talk about these items. You therefore, will be learning the English names of a variety of summer clothing items in this section.


This type of words will come in very handy in situations such as shopping, talking about holidays and asking friends if they have a particular item for you to borrow.


Summer clothes are articles of clothing worn during the summer when the weather is hot. It  include t-shirts, shorts, short dresses, skirts, sandals, flip-flops, thinner/lighter jackets, and sunhats.

These  clothes  are made of thinner, lighter materials than winter clothes because they try to keep you cool and expose more of the body to prevent overheating due to the hot temperatures and lack of breeze.


Summer clothing includes many clothes such as t-shirt, dress, singlet. Summer clothes can insulate against hot conditions.


List of Summer Clothes:-


One-piece bathing suit

Hawaiian shirt


Swim trunks




Tank top

Flip flops

Straw hat

Polo shirt





Clothes Vocabulary in English


No.-1. T-shirt

– The T-shirt was too small for him.


No.-2. Dress

– That dress looks good on you.


No.-3. Singlet

– He was wearing a blue silk singlet and boxer shorts.


Summer  Clothes  and Accessories. Learn useful list of summer clothes names with  examples to increase your vocabulary words about clothes.


No.-4. Cap

– He was wearing a cream silk shirt and a orange cap.


No.-5. One-piece bathing suit

– She was a good swimmer in her one-piece bathing suit.


No.-6. Hawaiian shirt

– I like this Hawaiian shirt.


No.-7. Sunglasses

– He lowers his sunglasses to peer out with his brown eyes.


No.-8. Swim trunks

– Wearing swim trunks, he waded about 20 feet into thigh-deep water.


No.-9. Straw hat

– She had taken off her straw hat.


No.-10. Polo shirt

– Bill was wearing a polo shirt and baggy blue pants.


No.-11. Overalls

– He changed his overalls for a suit.


No.-12. Bikini

– I always feel really self-conscious in a bikini.


No.-13. Shorts

– I will be needing a new pair of shorts soon.


No.-14. Tank top

– She wore a tank top, black jeans, high white sneakers.


No.-15. Flip flops

– This pair of flip flops fits me well.






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