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Suffix:- Today in this post we shall learn about suffix. What is suffix, what are the examples , we read in detail all about  these. In the previous post you have been learned abut” homophones “.


What are suffixes?


Suffix is a tool that you can use to help create more complex words in writing. By changing the ending of a word you can give common words different functions. You can also alter the meaning of the root words.


Definition of  ?


You find suffixes at the end of the root word. A suffix forms from a letter or group of letters. When you apply a this to the root word a new word emerges.


Examples of common suffixes:-


Adjective Suffixes:-

ful – grateful, beautiful, bountiful

less – hopeless, baseless, reckless

able – capable, creatable, craftable

ous or ious – delicious, humourous, gracious

ic – stoic, heroic, iconic

‘ive – pensive, expensive, authoritative

ant – poignant, extravagant, brilliant


Adverb Suffixes:-

ly – bravely, stately, sparingly

ward – backward, forward, wayward

wise – pennywise, likewise, otherwise


Noun Suffixes:-

ion – fusion, revision, opinion

ness – roughness, darkness, awareness

ment – treatment, abandonment, movement

ity  – rarity, scarcity, equality

er  – writer, helper, driver

eer – engineer, volunteer, profiteer

Common Suffixes with Meaning and Examples:-

Verb Suffixes:-

ed – mended, jumped, coughed



ing – running, drifting, smiling

er – sooner, faster, quicker

en – soften, moisten, fasten

ize – memorize, moralize, mesmerize


Noun suffix meaning and examples:

acy: Democracy, accuracy, lunacy

ale: Remedial, denial, trial, criminal

ance, -ence: Nuisance, ambience, tolerance

dom: Freedom, stardom, boredom

er, -or: Reader, creator, interpreter, inventor, collaborator, teacher

ism: Judaism, scepticism, escapism

ist: Geologist, protagonist, sexist, scientist, theorist, communist

ity, -ty: Extremity, validity, enormity

ment: Enchantment, argument

ness: Heaviness, highness, sickness

ship: Friendship, hardship, internship

Suffix -sion, -tion: Position, promotion, cohesion, ambition


Verb suffix meaning and examples:

ate: Mediate, collaborate, create

en: Sharpen, strengthen, loosen

ify, -fy: Justify, simplify, magnify, satisfy

ise, -ize: Publicise, synthesise, hypnotise


Adjective suffix definition and examples:

able, -ible: Edible, fallible, incredible, audible

al: Fiscal, thermal, herbal, colonial

esque: Picturesque, burlesque, grotesque

ful: Handful, playful, hopeful, skilful

ic, -ical: Psychological, hypocritical, methodical, nonsensical, musical

ious, -ous: Pious, jealous, religious, ridiculous

ish: Squeamish, sheepish, childish

ive: Inquisitive, informative, attentive

less: Meaningless, hopeless, homeless

y: Dainty, beauty, airy, jealousy


Adverb suffix meaning and examples:

ly: Softly, slowly, happily, crazily, madly

ward, -wards: Towards, afterwards, backwards, inward

wise: Otherwise, likewise, clockwise




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