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Prepositions:- In this section we will read about Prepositions.  What are the  Prepositions, what are the uses and examples of Prepositions, we will read in detail about these all.


In the previous post we have read in detail about Punctuation Marks.

What is Prepositions:-

Prepositions indicate relationships between other words in a sentence.

We can also say that prepositions tell us where or when something is in relation to something else. When monsters are approaching, it is good to have these special words to tell us where those monsters are.


List of Prepositions of Place with examples:-


No.-1. Under – We slept under the open sky.

No.-2. Next to – The hotel is situated next to the lively bustling port.

No.-3.In – My parents live in New Zealand now.

No.-4. On – The town is right on the border.

No.-5. Between – There is a gulf between the two cities.

No.-6. Among – I enjoy being among my friends.

No.-7. Above – Our friends in the apartment above us are really noisy.

No.-8. Below – He dived below the surface of the water.

No.- 9. In front of – They massed in front of the city hall.

No.-10. Behind – The horse fell behind in the race.

No.-11. At – I was waiting at the bus stop.

No.-12. Near – There is a bush near the school playground.

No.-13. Far from – The children don’t go far from home.


Important Prepositions of Place with Meaning and examples



No.-1. Below

Meaning: Lower than something else

Example: The dog lies below the cat.


No.-2. On

Meaning: Touching a surface or being supported by a surface

Example: A dog lies on the rug.


No.-3. At

At is used used to say exactly where something or someone is

For Example: I saw a cat at the window.


No.-4. Above

Meaning: Higher than something else, but not directly over it

For Example: There’s a cat above the dog.


No.-5. Under

Meaning: Lower than (or covered by) something else

For Example: There is a dog under the desk.


No.-6. On top of

Meaning: On the highest surface of something

Example: There was a cat on top of the table.



No.- 7. In

Meaning: Into a container, place etc.

Example: You’ll find a mouse in the drawer.


No.-8. Next to

Meaning: Further forward than someone or something else.

Example: The dog came and sat next to the boy.


No.- 9. front of

Meaning: Further forward than someone or something else

Example: The cat was in front of the fireplace.


No.-10. Between

Meaning: Something in the middle of two objects or things (or places)

Example: There is a mouse between the cats.


No.-11. Behind

Meaning: At the back (part) of something

Example: This dog still sat behind the chair.


Important Prepositions of Movement with examples


No.-1.  Down – It’s easier to run down the hill than go up.

No.-2.  Up – She doesn’t like riding her bike up these hills.

No.-3.  Out of – He jumped out of the window.

No.-4.  Into – Don’t put new wine into old bottles.

No.-5.  Toward – She was carrying a suitcase and walking towards.

No.-6.  Away – Dinah was crying as she drove slowly away.

No.-7.  Past – You drive past the stadium on your way to work, don’t you?

No.-8.  Over – The hotel is over the bridge.

No.- 9. Onto – I slipped as I stepped onto the platform.

No.-10.  Off – I must be off now.

No.-11.  Around – Her hair whipped around her face in the wind.

No.-12.  Under – The pen fell under the desk.

No.-13.  Along – We went for a walk along the beach at twilight.

No.-14.  Across – The boys swam across the lake.

No.-15.  Through – The Charles River flows through Boston.


In the above post, we have tried to show you some preposition words and phrases that you can add to your English vocabulary which do not fit into any other category.

To expand your general understanding of the language and add words and phrases this is a great way that can be used in a variety of situations.

Now you will have the opportunity to link each word or phrase to an image which is a proven way of helping you to remember them more easily.







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