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Phrasal Verbs with Look

Phrasal Verbs with Look
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Phrasal Verbs with Look

Phrasal Verbs with Look: – In this section we will read about Phrasal Verbs with Look in English and what are the examples of this in English, we will read in detail about all these.


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English phrasal verbs with look:-

Learn look after meaning, look ahead meaning, look back meaning, look around, look down, look at, look forward to, look on, look through, look up…with examples and ESL printable pictures.


Useful phrasal verbs with LOOK in English with meaning and examples:


Look after, Look ahead, Look back Meaning & Examples:-


No.-1. Look after

Meaning: Watch or protect; to keep safe

Example: He asked me to look after his daughter while he was away.


No.-2. Look ahead

Meaning: Consider the future, to anticipate future events

Example: You should forget the past and look ahead.


No.-3. Look back

Meaning: Think about something that happened in the past

Example: It wasn’t such a bad experience when I look back on it.


No.-4. Look around

Meaning: Inspect a building or area

Example: We’re interested in buying this house. Can we look around tomorrow?


No.-5. Look around

Meaning: Search a place

Example: I can’t find my keys, so I’ll look around.


No.-6. Look around

Meaning: Turn one’s head to see what is behind oneself

Example: He heard a voice and looked around to see a man wearing dark clothes.


No.-7. Look down on

Meaning: Regard someone with a feeling of superiority

Example: She looks down on people who haven’t been to college.

Phrasal verbs with look worksheet


No.-8. Look at

Meaning: Consider

Example: I looked at the possibility of buying a new car, but my current one still runs great and it’s paid off.


No.-9. Look for

Meaning: Search for; to seek

Example: He spent his life looking for the truth.


No.-10. Look forward to

Meaning: Feel pleased and excited about something that is going to happen

Example: I’m looking forward to the weekend.


No.-11. Look in

Meaning: Visit a person or place for a short time

Example: She looks in on her elderly neighbour every evening.


No.-12. Look into

Meaning: Investigate, explore, or consider

Example: If you are buying a new car, you might want to look into getting a hybrid or other high-efficiency vehicle.


No.-13. Look on

Meaning: Watch; to observe

Example: My performance seems somehow always to get worse when there are other people looking on.


Phrasal verbs with look example:-

No.-14. Look on as

Meaning: Treat someone in a particular role; to consider someone in a particular way

Example: I’ve always looked on him as the ideal candidate for the job.


No.-15. Look out

Meaning: Look from within to the outside

Example: Look out, and you will see the rain has stopped.


No.-16. Look out

Meaning: Be vigilant and aware

Example: While you’re in the city center, look out for the dodgy street vendors.


No.-17. Look out for

Meaning: Take care of someone, make sure someone is cared for

Example: Marry looked out for her younger sister when she started school.


Phrasal verbs with look exercises


No.-18. Look out for

Meaning: Keep aleart and try to see

Example: You should look out for pickpockets.


No.-19. Look round

Meaning: Inspect a building or area

Example: We’re interested in buying this house, can we look round tomorrow?


No.20. Look round

Meaning: Search a place

Example: I can’t find my keys, so I’ll look round.


Phrasal Verbs with LOOK:-

No.-21. Look round

Meaning: Turn one’s head to see what is behind oneself

Example: He heard a voice and looked round to see a man wearing dark clothes.


No.-22. Look through

Meaning: Gaze through a gap or aperture

Example: He looked through the binoculars at the bird.


No.-23. Look through

Meaning: Search, either with the eyes or by hand

Example: Airport security looked through her purse and confiscated her nail scissors.


No.-24. Look through

Meaning: Pretend not to see something or someone who is clearly visible

Example: I tried to get Michele’s attention at the party, but she looked right through me!



Phrasal verbs with look exercises pdf


No.-25. Look to

Meaning: Seek inspiration or advice or reward from someone

Example: Whenever I’m upset, I look to Mary to cheer me up.


No.-26.Look up

Meaning: Have better prospects, to improve

Example: Things started looking up after Jim moved back in with his parents.


No.-27.Look up

Meaning: Obtain information about something from a text source

Example: I didn’t know what a mitochondrion was until I looked it up in a dictionary.


No.-28. Look up to

Meaning: Show respect or admiration for

Example: A boy should look up to his father.


No.-29. Look upon

Meaning: Consider or regard something in a specific manner

Example: Some people look upon lexicography as their life’s work.


No.-30. Look upon

Meaning: Gaze at something; to look on

Example: Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!


No.-31. Look upon as

Meaning: Consider, regard

Example: I really like Sarah because she look upon me as a close friend.










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