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Parts of the Hand

Parts of the Hand
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Parts of the Hand



Parts of the Hand: – In this section we will read about Parts of the Hand in English and what are the examples of Parts of the Hand in English, we will read in detail about all these.


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Names  of different above  parts with examples. The hands have a variety of different parts and when talking about your hands, you might need to refer to a specific part of it.


Learn these parts  names to improve and enhance your human body parts vocabulary in English.


Names  of different hand parts


Hand Parts Names:-


Index finger

Middle finger

Ring finger

Little finger






Parts of Hand Names with Pictures and Examples:-


No.-1. Thumb: – She held the coin carefully between finger and thumb.


No.-2. Index finger: – He hushed me with his index finger against his mouth.


No.-3. Middle finger: – He wears a ring on his middle finger.


No.-4. Ring finger: – The large diamond on her ring finger winked in the moonlight.


No.-5. Little finger: – He wears an exquisite diamond ring on his little finger.


No.-6. Palm: – She looked at the coins in her palm.


No.-7. Wrist: – She had a gold watch on her wrist.


No.-8. Knuckle: – Her knuckles whitened as she gripped the gun.


No.-9. Fingernail: – Stop biting your fingernails.



Learn different parts of the above with pictures:-

This can be very useful in a medical situation or simply when talking to your friends. Much like body parts, there are certain English idioms where parts of the hands are involved such as ‘thumbs up’ and understanding the parts of the hand can help you figure these out too!










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