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Names of Men’s Clothes

Names of Men’s Clothes
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Names of Men’s Clothes


Names of Men’s Clothes: – In this section we will read about Names of Men’s Clothes in English and what are the examples of Names of Men’s Clothes in English, we will read in detail about all these.


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Hare Learn men’s clothing names in English with examples to improve your vocabulary, especially clothes vocabulary in English. There are many items of clothing that you might find in the men section of a store or online as well as when looking at fashion magazines.


Men’s Clothing Names:-

It is important, when learning a language that you educate yourself on the names of different types of men clothing.

This will help you greatly when out and about, especially if you are looking for a particular item. It will be much more simple if you can simply say something like “I would like a pair of boxer shorts, please.”


Names of Men’s Clothes:-







Hawaiian shirt


Business shoes

Flip flops




Sport shoes

Bow tie

Sleeveless shirt


Long-sleeve top

Polo shirt


Trench coat


Cargo pants






Men’s Clothing Vocabulary in English:-















Men’s Clothing Vocabulary in English


List of men’s dress names with example sentences:-


In most cultures, gender differentiation of clothing is considered appropriate. The differences are in styles, colors, and fabrics. For example, In Western societies, skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes are usually seen as women’s clothing, while neckties are usually seen as men’s clothing.


No.-1.Sweater: – Peter decided on a sweater.


No.-2.Shirt: – He always wears a shirt and tie.


No.-3.Jeans: – A pair of nice jeans for $ 13.83.


No.-4.Gloves: – He put on his gloves again.


No.-5.Cap: – He picked his cap up from the floor and stuck it back on his head.


No.-6.Suit: – This suit is perfect for me.


No.-7.Hawaiian shirt: – The man was wearing an oversized Hawaiian shirt splotched with big flowers.


No.-8.Singlet: – A fat man in a blue singlet barged in, then barged out again.


No.-9.Business shoes: – Jackson needs new business shoes.


No.-10.Flip flops: – He is fond of wearing flip flops


No.-11.Shorts: – He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.


No.-12.Cardigan: – The old man lifted his cardigan to scratch his side.


No.-13.Jacket: – This jacket is just my size.


Names of Clothes:-


No.-14.Sport shoes: – A neighbor brings a new pair of sports shoes.


No.-15.Bow tie: – Thompson wears a suit with a long jacket, vest and bow tie.


No.-16.Sleeveless shirt: – Men are forbidden to wear shorts or sleeveless shirt in public.


No.-17.Vest: – I need a vest and a piece.


Names of Clothes with Pictures


No.-18.Long-sleeve top: – Tom likes wearing long-sleeve top.


No.-19.Polo shirt: – He was wearing khakis, a polo shirt and sneakers.


No.-20.Jumper: – It’s very cold so put a jumper on.


No.-21.Trench coat: – He had a trench coat.


No.-22.Bathrobe: – He bought a new bathrobe yesterday.


No.-23.Cargo pants: – He wears aquamarine cargo pants, which are slightly torn up.


No.-24.Swimsuit: – Tomorrow he would bring his own swimsuit.


No.-25.Blazer: – He was wearing a blue blazer and a white polo shirt.


No.-26.T-shirt: – His T-shirt was too thin.


No.-27.Belt: – He adjusted his belt.


No.-28.Underpants: – The boy was dressed in just his underpants and a T shirt.


No.-29.Waistcoat: – He generally wore a waistcoat for the occasion.


No.-30.Socks: – He took his shoes and socks off.


No.-31.Tie: – He hated wearing a tie.


No.-33.Pullover: – I have a pullover.



Men’s Clothing Names with examples and clothes


No.-34.Umbrella: – I’ve come out without my umbrella.


No.-35.Scarf: – He had a scarf round his neck.


No.-36.Sunglasses: – I like wearing sunglasses – I feel I can hide behind them.


Names of Men’s Clothes:-


No.-37.Glasses: – I was unlucky enough to lose my glasses.


No.-38.Boots: – I helped him pull his boots off.


No.-39.Wallet: – John has lost his wallet. That’s too bad.


No.-40.Handbag: – I don’t carry a handbag. I just carry money in my pocket.


No.-41.Watch: – The man glanced nervously at his watch.


Men’s clothes are articles of clothing designed for and worn by men. Typical men’s clothes include trousers, shirts, jeans, suits, sweaters, gloves, jackets, and hats. However, the majority of those clothing items are also items of women’s clothing.

There are separate ranges for women’s clothes and men’s clothes, so though both men and women wear shirts, the men’s shirts are designed to fit the male body and will use different colors and designs.





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