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Names of Members of the Family

Names of Members of the Family
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Names of Members of the Family

Names of Members of the Family :- In this section we will read Names of Members of the Family. We will read in detail about all these Names of Members of the Family in English with examples.


Learn these names of family members to improve and enlarge your vocabulary words in English.


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Whether you get along with your family or not, the truth is, we all have one and being able to talk about them requires knowing how to refer to different family members in the English language.


Names of Members of the Family:-

This knowledge will also prove to be invaluable when listening to native speakers talk about their own families or for times when you come across family member names within a written text.


In this section, you will be able to learn and commit to memory the names of the different family members in English.


List of family members in English:-


No.-1. Great-grandfather

No.-2. Great-grandmother

No.-3. Great-uncle

No.-4. Grandfather

No.-5. Grandmother

No.-6. Great-aunt

No.-7. Uncle

No.-8. Aunt

No.-9. Father

No.-10. Mother

No.-11. Uncle (Husband of Aunt)

No.-12. Sister

No.-13. Brother-in-law

No.-14. Brother

No.-15. Sister-in-law

List of family members in English

No.-16. Husband

No.-17. Wife

No.-18. Cousin

No.-19. Cousin’s wife

No.-20. Cousin

No.-21. Cousin’s husband

No.-22. Nephew

No.-23. Niece

No.-24. Son

No.-25. Daughter-in-law

No.-26. Daughter

No.-27. Son-in-law

No.-28. First cousin once removed

No.-29. Grandson

No.-30. Granddaughter


Learn members of the family with this useful family relationship chart in English.


men in the Family:-


Learn men in the family vocabulary in English.


No.-1. Great-grandfather

No.-2. Grandfather/ Grandpa

No.-3. Father/ Daddy/ Pa

No.-4. Husband

No.-5. Uncle

No.-6. Father-in-law

No.-7. Brother

No.-8. Nephew

No.- 9. Boy

No.-10. Baby boy

No.-11. Twin boys

No.-12. Cousin

No.-13. Brother-in-law

No.-14. Boyfriend


Women in the Family:-

Learn women in the family vocabulary in English with pictures.


No.-1. Great-grandmother

No.-2. Mother/ Mom/ Mommy

No.-3. Cousin

No.-4. Niece

No.-5. Daughter

No.-6. Aunt

No.-7. Girl twins

No.-8. Girl

No.- 9. Sister

No.-10. Girlfriend

No.-11. Wife

No.-12. Teen


Learn English vocabulary for human life cycle:-


No.-1. Be born

No.-2. Start school

No.-3. Make friends

No.-4. Graduate

No.-5. Get a job

No.-6. Fall in love

No.-7. Get married

No.-8. Have a baby

No.-9. Divorce

No.-10. Emigrate

No.-11. Retire

No.-12. Make a will

No.-13. Die

Family Members:-

In the above lesson, you will learn different family members with family tree chart, list of men and women in the family with pictures.




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