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Mission NDA Book PDF by DDE – Defense Direct Education 2023

Mission NDA Book PDF by DDE – Defense Direct Education 2023
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Here you will get complete reviews and details regarding the Mission NDA book pdf published by defense direct education. A lot of NDA aspirant looks for Mission NDA bo

Here you will get complete reviews and details regarding the Mission NDA book pdf published by defense direct education. A lot of NDA aspirant looks for Mission NDA book while preparing for the exam to prepare and practice questions.
No.-1. Mission NDA book is among the amazing book that is recommended by us as well as all expert teachers.

No.-2. Here we will tell you the complete pros and cons of the Mission NDA book so that you can make your choice yourself about following it or not.

Mission NDA book pdf by DDE – defense direct education

No.-1. Aspirants who start preparing for NDA often gets confused about which book they should follow or which book not.

No.-2. Among all, one of the most important doubts is regarding two major books, one is Arihant’s NDA Pathfinder book vs Mission NDA book of DDE.

No.-3. Hereafter seeing both the books we have provided complete details & pros and cons about the Mission NDA book pdf which you can check below.

No.-4. If you need a complete review regarding Arihant NDA pathfinder book then let us know in the comment.

Mission NDA book pdf overview :

No.-1. Firstly, we will tell you some basic details regarding the Mission NDA book.

No.-2. The book is published by Defense direct education (DDE), which publish various book in the field of defense examinations such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT, SSB interviews, and many others.

No.-3. Mission NDA book pdf to download for free is among of the most searched terms by NDA aspirants who are looking for the book,

No.-4. which shows the popularity of the book among NDA applicants, and it is not wrong to say that the book is one of the most popular books published by DDE.

No.-5. The Book has an MRP of around 700 rupees but when you look at Flipkart and Amazon you will see reduced prices which kept on fluctuating with time, which you can check yourself, generally it ranges from 500 to 650 rupees.

No.-6. One thing we have found is that the book price is lesser on Amazon in comparison to Flipkart, which you can take into consideration while buying the book.

No.-7. Moreover, you can check the offline market as well for better deals.

Mission NDA book Content :

No.-1. The book is completely based upon the latest syllabus and exam pattern of NDA as prescribed by UPSC, the conducting body of the NDA exam.

No.-2. The book contains all the subjects of the NDA exam such as general science, mathematics, general social science & Gk.

No.-3. In the book, you will get each section’s complete chapter of the NDA syllabus, which is further divided into all the important topics.

Mission NDA book Pros and Cons:

No.-1. The pros and cons regarding the book according to us are as follows :

Pros Cons
Best book to clear your basics and start the preparation. Contain some Misprints in questions and solution
It Contains the Most repeated question section, which you won’t in pathfinder. The packing is not good.
The book is completely based on the latest NDA exam pattern. The outer cover is very thin.
In the book, the chapters are divided into topics which help you to practice questions topics-wise and improve your basics. The price is a little bit expensive.
The book also contains the previous year’s question paper section-wise. Not contains complete syllabus mock / test series.
Topics are explained in easy language and to the point, so that easy to understand.

Best book for NDA pdf- Mission NDA book pdf :

No.-1. Below we have provided the Amazon link for the book from where you can buy this book if you like.

No.-2. We cannot provide you the pdf of the book since it is against the copyright rule and illegal.

No.-3. This post is just an educational review post regarding the book.

No.-4. If you purchase the book below, then it will motivate us to write more blogs on book reviews regarding NDA preparation.

No.-5. Which will help you to choose the best book for NDA preparation.

No.-6. One of the most amazing features of this book is that it contains the most repeated questions of every section of your GAT (General aptitude test) and mathematics paper.

No.-7. The book also contains section-wise previous year questions on NDA.

No.-8. One thing which this book different from pathfinder is its topics-wise division of chapters, which you can see in the below image.

Topics division of chapters in mission nda book

No.-1. The book contains the basic theory of all the chapter which is to the point and written in easy language which makes it very easy to understand, and can be understood by anyone easily.

No.-2. The book contains a decent number of questions to practice, but not sufficient. Since to crack any exam, one should practice as many questions as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

No.-1. Is Mission NDA Book is good?

Ans. Mission NDA book published by DDE is among one of the best books for NDA preparation. Mission NDA is updated with the latest NDA exam pattern and syllabus and contains every chapter theory as well as practice questions. One of the features of the book is that it contains the most repeated questions section which you an idea of the questions which are generally repeated in the NDA written exam which you won’t get in any other book in one place.

No.-2. Which book is better for NDA, Mission NDA or Arihant Pathfinder?

Ans. When it comes to a comparison between these two books, then both the book are best in their places. Mission NDA is a book that came into popularity recently Arihant pathfinder is one of the oldest books. The book you should choose depends upon your requirement, one who is looking to build the basis should go for Mission NDA book because of its to-the-point and easy language theory, it also contains various difficulty-level questions in every chapter.

No.-1. Arihant pathfinder is loved by those who are looking for a book to practice questions and have a good command of their basics, if you are among them then you should go for NDA pathfinder.

No.-2. However, both book is best for NDA preparation and you can also check the detailed review of Mission NDA Book & Arihant NDA pathfinder book.

One liner Questions

No.-1. प्याज व लहसून में गंध किस तत्व की उपस्थिति के कारण होता है?

Ans.1. सल्फर

No.-2. ‘एटलस’ (Atlas) किस ग्रह का उपग्रह है?

Ans.2. शनि का

No.-3. मानव शरीर में पाचन का अधिकांश भाग किस अंग में संपन्न होता है?

Ans.3. छोटी आंत में

No.-4. जागीरदारी संकट सर्वप्रथम किस मुगल बादशाह के शासन काल में उत्पन्न हुई?

Ans.4. औरंगजेब के

No.-5. ‘गाइड’ किसकी रचना है?

Ans.5. आर.के.नारायण की

No.-6. भारतीय लधु उद्योग विकास बैंक (SIDBI) की कब स्थापना की गयी?

Ans.6. 2 अप्रैल, 1990 को

No.-7. ‘बुल्स आई’ किस खेल स्पर्धा से सम्बन्ध है?

Ans.7. निशानेबाजी से

No.-8. राज्यसभा में किस राज्य के प्रतिनिधियों की संख्या सर्वाधिक है?

Ans.8. उत्तर प्रदेश के

No.-9. बंगाल के किस कवि के अनुसार प्लासी के युद्ध के बाद भारत के लिए शाश्वत दुःख की काली रात का आरंभ हुआ?

Ans.9. नवीनचंद्र सेन के

No.-10. ‘द सर्किल ऑफ रीजन’ किसकी रचना है?

Ans.10. अमिताभ घोष की

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