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Lucent GK Book PDF 2023 in English & Hindi

Lucent GK Book PDF 2023 in English & Hindi
Written by Rakesh Kumar

If you are searching for a General Knowledge Book for NDA or any other competitive Exams? Then this Lucent GK Book is one of the best book, in which you will get the exac

If you are searching for a General Knowledge Book for NDA or any other competitive Exams? Then this Lucent GK Book is one of the best book, in which you will get the exact content you want.

Lucent GK Book PDF 2023 in English & Hindi

No.-1. The contents of this book are arranged in a very well manner so that you can easily memorize all the points.

No.-2. Also, it is one of the most popular books for General Knowledge in India. Various Teachers and Experts recommend this book as the best General knowledge book for all competitive Exams.

No.-3. because it contains almost all the material of Social Sciences and General Knowledge very beautifully.

No.-4. we understand the importance of quality study materials needed for the preparation of any competitive exam, and that’s why we offer you here the best book of current affairs and GK which is the Lucent Gk book.

No.-5. This book covers almost everything that one Government Job aspirant needs to know. There are many different parts inside like, History, Geography, Indian polity, Indian Economy, Science and miscellaneous also.

No.-6. Each topic is described in a very lovely manner. Its readability is good. If you are preparing for competitive exams then you should go for this.

Lucent GK 2023 PDF in Hindi and English:

No.-1. The Lucent GK Book is available in both language English and Hindi. So if you are preparing for any competitive examinations in India

No.-2. which have a section of General knowledge either in English or Hindi then this Lucent GK Book By Dr. Binay Karna, R. P. Suman will be very useful for you.

Lucent GK Book is Useful for

No.-1. Some Competitive Exams for which this book is very useful are State Government Exams, Central Level Exams, UPSC Civil Services, CDS, NDA, SSC, Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), SCRA, Bank P.O./T.O., LIC/GIC/OIC (AAO), RBI grade Officers, CLAT, MAT, CAT, MCA, BCA, MBA, BBA, and many more.

Content Overwier of Lucent GK pdf:

No.-1. Geography of India

No.-2. Science and technology

No.-3. Modern India

No.-4. History

No.-5. Indian economy

No.-6. World History

No.-7. Indian Constitution

No.-8. Physics

No.-9. Zoology

No.-10. Diverse

No.-11. Medieval India

No.-12. Chemistry

No.-13. Geography

No.-14. Ancient India

No.-15. computer

No.-16. Games & Sports

How to memorize Lucent GK?

No.-1. The Lucent GK book has provided the pieces of information in a well-organized manner, in which they used chapters to divide them and made it easier to remember each section separately.

No.-2. So, students can prepare a plan to cover half or one or more than one chapter per day.

No.-3. Try to write the point that you have just remembered, it will help you to recall quickly. And try to switch between chapters of two different subjects to keep your interest maintained.

Benefits of Lucent GK Latest Edition 2023 PDF:

No.-1. In this book, every topic is fully explained and is to the point. Facts are made pointwise rather than in literary style, and the language used is simple.

No.-2. In addition to General Knowledge, it also contains some current affairs. Those who are preparing for SSC CGL Exam can blindly follow this book for GK Section.

No.-3. Lucent General Knowledge Book is available in two variants, in one they have the only theory, and in the other, they have all objective questions.

No.-4. This book with a yellow color cover page is a theory book covering all general knowledge which includes Indian Polity, Geography, history, etc.

No.-5. The book is good for those who have at least two months before the exam and is not suitable for students who have less time for preparation.

No.-6. While If you have less time try the Lucent book which only has objective questions because questions are repetitive in nature and that’s the best strategy for scoring in the general awareness section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No.-1. Is lucent gk enough for NDA?

Ans. Yes, Lucent GK covers General Knowledge Section as per the latest NDA Syllabus. So this book is sufficient for NDA. It is also useful for many more exams such as UPSC, JPSC, BPSC, CDS, NDA, AFCAT, SSC CGL, NTPC, Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), SCRA, Bank P.O./T.O., LIC/GIC/OIC (AAO), RBI grade Officers, CLAT, MAT, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, MCA, BCA, MBA, BBA, and many more.

No.-2.  In how many languages the Lucent GK Book available?

Ans. The General Knowledge Book of Lucent Publication is available in two languages Hindi and English.

No.-3. In how many chapters the Lucent GK 2023 Book is divided?

Ans. There are total 10 Major Units or Chapters in which the complete book’s contents are illustrated. The Chapters are

Chapter 01: Indian History

Chapter 02: World History

Chapter 03: Geography

Chapter 04: Indian Polity and Constitution

Chapter 05: Indian Economy

Chapter 06: Physics

Chapter 07: Chemistry

Chapter 08: Biology

Chapter 09: Miscellany

Chapter 10: Computer

No.-4.  Is Lucent GK sufficient for SSC?

Ans. Yes, undoubtedly students can use this Lucent Publication GK Book for SSC as well as Railways, Banking, and other similar exams.

One liner questions

No.-1. अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ पहला ववद्रोह ककसके द्वारा शुरू ककया गया ?

Ans-संन्याससयों द्वारा

No.-2. संन्यासी ववद्रोह का उल्लेि ककस उपन्यास मेंसमलता है?


No.-3. आनंदमठ की रचना ककसनेकी ?

Ans-बंककमचंद्र चटजी

No.-4. भारतीय सुधार ससमतत की स्थापना ककसनेकी ?

Ans-दादा भाई नौरोजी

No.-5. भारतीय सुधार ससमतत की स्थापना कब और कहां हुई ?

Ans-1887 ई. मेंइंगलैंड में

No.-6. ब्रिटटश सरकार का रुि ककस वषषसेकांग्रेस के प्रतत कठोर होता चला गया ?

Ans-1887 ई.

No.-7. ककसनेकहा था कक ‘कांग्रेस के वल सूक्ष्मदशी अल्पसंख्या का प्रतततनधधत्व करती है’ ।


No.-8. ‘कांग्रेस अपनेपतन की ओर लड़िड़ाती हुई जा रही है’ येकथन ककसका है?


No.-9. ‘कांग्रेस क्षयरोग सेमरनेवाली है’ येककसका मानना रहा ?

Ans-अरवव ंद घोष

No.-10. ‘कांग्रेस के लोग पदों के भूिेराजनीततज्ञ हैं’ येबयान ककसनेटदया ?

Ans-बंककमचंद्र चटजी

No.-11. ‘घन ववकास के ससद्धांत’ का प्रततपादन ककसनेककया ?

Ans-नौरोजी, दत्त एवंवाचा

No.-12. ब्रिटटश हाउस ऑफ कॉमन्स का चुनाव लड़नेवालेसवषप्रथम भारतीय कौन थे?

Ans-दादाभाई नौरोजी

No.-13. बंगाल के ववभाजन की घोषणा कब और ककसनेकी ?

Ans-20 जुलाई 1905 ई. मेंलॉडषकजषन ने।

No.-14. बंगाल-ववभाजन के ववरोध मेंककस आंदोलन की घोषणा की गई ?

Ans-स्वदेशी आंदोलन

No.-15. स्वदेशी आंदोलन की घोषणा कब और कहां हुई ?

Ans-7 अगस्त 1905 ई. को कलकत्ता के टाऊन हॉल में।

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