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List of Vegetables

List of Vegetables
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List of Vegetables


List of Vegetables: – In this section we will read about List of Vegetables. What are the List of Vegetables and what are the examples of List of Vegetables,  we will read in detail about all these with examples.


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Let us learn these vegetables names to increase our vocabulary words about vegetables in English. Also, interesting vegetables images help you remember the new words better.


Food is one of the most important parts of our lives and when learning a foreign language, it is vital that we learn how to refer to different types of foods.

One of the most important foods are vegetables, with people now living much healthier lives and some even having a plant-based diet, you are likely to need to know a much wider range of English vegetable names.


Here we are providing for you a very useful list of fruits and vegetables in English with images and examples.


Types of Vegetables:-

Vegetables are certain parts of plants that are consumed by humans as food such as peas, beans, cabbage, potatoes.


Vegetable List


No.-1. Root Vegetables

No.-2. Onion Family

No.-3. Leafy Vegetables

No.-4. Squash

No.-5. Peas & Beans


Vegetables vocabulary in English.


No.-1. Corn

No.-2. Mushroom

No.-3. Broccoli

No.-4. Cucumber

No.-5. Red pepper

No.-6. Red bell pepper

No.-7. Pineapple

No.-8. Tomato

No.-9. Swede

No.-10. Rutabaga –  U.S.

No.-11. Carrot

No.-12. Brussels sprout

No.-13. Pumpkin

No.-14. Cabbage

No.-15. Potato

No.-16. Eggplant

No.-17. Sweet potato

No.-18. Turnip

No.-19.  Courgette – U.K.

No.-20.  Zucchini -U.S.

No.-21. Green chilli

No.-22. Onion

No.-23. Lettuce

No.-24. Radish

No.-25. Pea

No.-26. Asparagus

No.-27. Celery

No.-28. Green pepper

No.-29. French beans

No.-30. Spinach

No.-31. Beetroot beet- U.S.

No.-32. Red chillies/red chili peppers (U.S.)

No.-33. Bean


Learn vegetable names with example sentences:-


No.-1. Corn: – The field has been seeded with corn.


No.-2. Mushroom: – We ate mushroom until we came to the Mekong.


No.-3. Broccoli: – Eat up your broccoli. It’s good for you.


No.-4. Cucumber: – We had a cold cucumber soup as a starter.


No.-5. Red pepper: -He burned his tongue with red pepper.


No.-6. Pineapple: – The pineapple was sweet and juicy.


No.-7. Tomato: – Tomato soup is my cup of tea.


No.-8. Swede: – Today’s main dish was cabbage and Swede stew with dumplings.


No.-9. Carrot: – We used a carrot for the snowman’s nose.


No.-10. Brussels sprout: – I want some more brussels sprouts.


No.-11. Pumpkin: – The pumpkin is a real monster.


No.-12. Cabbage: – If you overcook the cabbage it’ll turn to mush.


No.-13. Potato: – The potato is the most popular vegetable in Britain.


No.-14. Eggplant: – We grow many different vegetables: potatoes, eggplant, etc.


No.-15. Sweet potato: – Carrots, spinach, kale, broccoli and sweet potatoes are among foods rich in beta carotene.


Types of Vegetables

No.-16. Turnip: – The turnip provides nutrition for you.


No.-17. Courgette : – She was shaving thin slices off a courgette .


No.-18. Green chilli: – She added some green chilli peppers to her cheese dip to make spicier.


No.-19. Onion: – Life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.


No.-20. Lettuce: – Get some lettuce and tomatoes so I can make a salad.


No.-21. Radish: – People in Shandong province like eating radish as fruit from long ago.


No.-22. Pea: – Sweet pea seed can be sown in May.


No.-23. Asparagus: – We have some asparagus for lunch.


No.-24. Celery: – A stick of celery does not provide much sustenance.


No.-25. Green pepper: – Green pepper is the main ingredient of the dish.


No.-26. French beans: – Cooked kidney beans can be used in place of French beans.


No.-27. Spinach: – Eating spinach is supposed to make you strong.


No.-28. Beetroot/beet (U.S.): – I’ve found a recipe for beetroot/beet (U.S.) tops.



Vegetables Names

No.-29Red chillies/red chili peppers (U.S.): – The chicken was garnished with coriander and red chillies/red chili peppers (U.S.).


No.-30. Bean: – Every bean has its black.


No.-31. Rutabaga (U.S.): – Today’s main dish was cabbage and rutabaga stew with dumplings.


No.-32. Red bell pepper: -He burned his tongue with red bell pepper.


No.-33. Zucchini: – She was shaving thin slices off a Zucchini.


Vegetables are a type of healthy food. They are either part of a plant or a plant themselves and some are grown underground in soil. While fruits are usually eaten as a healthy snack, vegetables are usually incorporated into meals, though things like carrot sticks are considered to be snacks.


Eating a balanced diet means that you are getting enough fruits and vegetables to balance out the other things we eat that may be less healthy. Eating ‘five a day’ means that you should have five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.


Vegetables are typically organized into five groups: dark green, starch, red and orange, dry beans and peas, and other.


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