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List of Plant and Flower Names

List of Plant and Flower Names
Written by Rakesh Kumar

List of Plant and Flower Names

List of Plant and Flower Names:- In this section we will read about List of Plant and Flower Names. What is the Women Clothes List, we will read in detail about these all.


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List of Plant and Flower Names:-

Do you work in an industry that requires you to communicate with English speakers about plants and flowers? You simply have an interest in the subject and would like to include in it your day-to-day conversation.

Whatever the reason, it is important that you learn the names of plants and flowers in English.


In this post, you will read various names of plants and flowers so that you are able to widen your vocabulary.


List  of common plants and flowers in English with examples.  Learn these names of flowers and plants to increase your vocabulary words in English.


We see that most plants grow in the ground, with stems above the atmosphere, and roots below. Some plants float on water.


Learn plant names with English pronunciation


Vocabulary of Plants and Trees:-


No.-1. Wildflower

No.-2. Thistle

No.-3. Flower

No.-4. Herb

No.-5. Mushroom

No.-6. Weed

No.-7. Fern

No.-8. Cattail

No.-9. Reed

No.-10. Bamboo

No.-11. Ivy

No.-12. Shrub

No.-13. Moss

No.-14. Grass

No.-15. Palm tree

No.-16. Bush




Learn flower names with English pronunciation.


Names of flowers in English:-


No.-1. Tulip

No.-2. Daffodil

No.-3. Poppy

No.-4. Sunflower

No.-5. Bluebell

No.-6. Rose

No.-7. Snowdrop

No.-8. Cherry blossom

No.-9. Orchid

No.-10. Iris

No.-11. Peony

No.-12. Chrysanthemum

No.-13. Geranium

No.-14. Lily

No.-15. Lotus

No.-16. Water lily

No.-17. Dandelion

No.-18. Hyacinth

No.-19. Daisy

No.-20. Crocus



Vocabulary of Parts of a Plant:-


Learn different parts of a plant with English pronunciation. Each part of

a plant has a very important function.



No.-1. Seed

No.-2. Sprout

No.-3. Stem

No.-4. Leaf

No.-5. Berry

No.-6. Bud

No.-7. Flower


Vocabulary of Parts of a Flower:-


No.-1. Pollen

No.-2. Stigma

No.-3. Sepal

No.-4. Stalk

No.-5. Petal


Vocabulary of Parts of a Tree:-


No.-1. Trunk

No.-2. Branch

No.-3. Root

No.-4. Ring

No.-5. Thorn

No.-6. Bark

No.-7. Log













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