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List of Jobs and Professions

List of Jobs and Professions
Written by Rakesh Kumar

List of Jobs and Professions


List of Jobs and Professions: – In this section we will read about List of  Professions in English and what are the examples of List of Jobs and Professions in English , we will read in detail about all these.


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Learn useful job names with pictures and example sentences. Learn these names of jobs and professions to enhance your jobs vocabulary words in English.


Job Names:-


Office worker

Computer programmer


Street vendor

Factory worker



Real estate agent


Gas station attendant


Delivery man





Tour guide


Ballet dancer



Customs officer



Taxi driver






Actor/ Actress






Tailor/ Seamstress

Writer/ author


Bus driver



Jobs Vocabulary with Examples


List of professions and job names with example.

Office worker: – I’m an office worker.


Computer programmer: – Mike found a challenging job as a computer programmer.


Veterinarian: – She is a veterinarian, she is very kind to animals.


Street vendor: – Starting as a street vendor, he is now general manager of a trading corporation in Beijing.


Factory worker: – He did a lot to improve conditions for factory worker.


Miner: – He was a miner all his working life.


Teacher: – The teacher told the children to stop chattering in class.


Real estate agent: – The real estate agent showed them house after house, but they couldn’t find one they liked.


List of Professions:

Bellboy: – The bellboy will lead you to your room.


Gas station attendant: – The gas station attendant warns them to service the car soon.


Speaker: – The students assailed the speaker with questions.


Delivery man: – I did not want to appear like a delivery man.


Butcher: – The butcher prepared a rack of pork.


Pharmacist: – The pharmacist will make up your prescription.


Receptionist: – He is a receptionist in a hotel.


Politician: – The politician gave an equivocal answer.


Tour guide: – Tomorrow the tour guide will take us to tour Imperial Palace.


List of Jobs and Professions:-

:-Entrepreneur: – Being an entrepreneur is a way of fulfilling your creative potential.


Ballet dancer: – I wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was a child.


Astronaut: – The rocket boosts the astronaut into space.


Judge: – A good judge does not make arbitrary decisions.



List of Professions

Customs officer: – The customs officer inspected my passport suspiciously.


Lawyer: – The lawyer culled important facts from the mass of evidence.


Cashier: – I work at a book store as a cashier once a week.


Taxi driver: – The taxi driver picked up a fare outside the opera house.


Plumber: – We had to call a plumber to unblock the drains.


Musician: – He had been a talented musician in his youth.


Chef: – The chef used an electric grinder in the kitchen.


Baker: – The baker bakes his bread in the bakery.


Artist: – She wanted a famous artist to paint her picture.


Actor/ Actress: – He won the best actor award.


Bartender: – The bartender handed me a mug of lukewarm beer.


Hairdresser: – I’m going to change my hairdresser.


Bishop: – The bishop blessed the new church.


Optician: – The optician said I needed new glasses.


Florist: – The florist bunched the flowers up.


Tailor/ Seamstress: – The tailor has cut my coat very well.


Writer/ author: – The writer arranges a happy ending.


Caretaker: – The caretaker opens up the school every morning at seven.


Bus driver: – I asked the bus driver to put me off at the station.


Accountant: – He is going to be an accountant.


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