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List of Jobs and Occupations

List of Jobs and Occupations
Written by Rakesh Kumar

List of Jobs and Occupations

List of Jobs and Occupations:- In this section we will read about List of Jobs and Occupations. We will read in detail about all List of Jobs and Occupations.


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Talking about List of Jobs and Occupations is one of the most common types of conversation in any language and so it is important to be able to recognize and discuss various types of jobs and Occupations.


You can begin your journey to adding English job names to your vocabulary by carefully reading through this section.


talking  about the above might be in order what you do for work or to be able to talk to others about their jobs as well as being able to understand conversations where careers are being discussed.


Learn this list of occupations and jobs to improve and increase vocabulary in English.


Occupation or a job, is a person’s role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and performed in exchange for payment. Many people have multiple jobs.


Types of Jobs and Occupations:-


No.-1. Waiter

No.-2. Paramedic

No.-3. Dentist

No.-4. Train conductor

No.-5. Nurse

No.-6. Electrician

No.-7. Doctor

No.-8. Businessman

No.- 9. American football player

No.-10. Student

No.-11. Surgeon

No.-12. Doorman

No.-13. Secretary

No.-14. Soldier

No.-15. Repairman


Types of Jobs with Pictures

No.-16. Scientist

No.-17. Reporter

No.-18. Construction worker

No.-19. Professor

No.-20. Police officer

No.-21. Postman

No.-22. Photographer

No.-23. Pilot

No.-24. Catholic nun

No.-25. Painter

No.-26. Mechanic



No.-29.Lunchroom supervisor






No.-35.Forest ranger




No.-39.Flight attendant


















List of different types of jobs in English with examples sentences illustrated with images.


No.-1. Waiter: – The waiter brought up the next dish.


No.-2. Paramedic:–  A paramedic bandaged his foot.


No.-3. Dentist: – You should visit your dentist at least twice a year.


No.-4. Train conductor:–  He is a train conductor.


No.-5. Nurse:– The nurse should try to develop empathy between herself and the patient.


No.-6. Electrician:– We need an electrician to mend the iron.


No.-7. Doctor:– The doctor forbids him to smoke.



Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary:-

No.-8. Businessman:– The rich businessman gave his whole fortune to the hospital.


No.- 9. American football player:– I was a fairly good American football player in my youth.


No.-10. Student:– The teacher told the student to pay attention to his spelling.


No.-11. Surgeon:– The surgeon is performing an eye operation.


No.-12. Doorman:– I showed the doorman my card and he gave a friendly nod.


No.-13. Secretary:– My secretary will phone you to arrange a meeting.



Types of Jobs and Occupations

No.-14. Soldier:– He wants to be a soldier when he grows up.


No.-15. Repairman:– The repairman installed an iron latch on the door.


No.-16. Scientist:– Einstein was a great scientist.


No.-17. Reporter:– She was a TV reporter and worked long hours.


No.-18. Construction worker:– My father is a temporary construction worker. He moves around all the time.


No.-19. Professor:– Tom reported his discoveries to the professor.


No.-20. Police officer:– I was a police officer in the city of New York.


List of Jobs and Occupations with  Examples:-

No.-21. Postman:– The postman has brought a parcel for you.


No.-22. Photographer:– I think she will be successful as a photographer.


No.-23. Pilot:– The pilot inquired about the weather condition.


No.-24. Catholic nun:– Later into her life she would become a Catholic nun.


No.-25. Painter:– The young painter has exhibited in several galleries.


No.-26. Mechanic:– The mechanic was busy repairing the machine.


No.-27. Magician:– The magician conjured a rabbit out of his hat.


No.-28. Lifeguard:– There is always a lifeguard to ensure that no one comes to any harm.


Types of Jobs and Occupations:-

No.-29. Lunchroom supervisor:– He is a lunchroom supervisor at a school.


No.-30. Clown:– She dressed up as a clown with a white face and red nose.


No.-31. Housekeeper:– You need a housekeeper to nurse your property.


No.-32. Singer: – She’s a singer with a band.


No.-33. Detective:– Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective in stories.



Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary

No.-34. Gardener:– The gardener mows the grass regularly.


No.-35. Geisha:– I took a very strict examination to become a geisha.


No.-36. Footballer:– The footballer took a strike at the goal.


No.-37. Forest ranger:– The group was noticed by a forest ranger, who notified border guards.


No.-38. Builder:– Her father was a builder in Birmingham.


No.-39. Foreman:– The foreman is always swearing at the workers.


No.-40. Farmer:– The farmer grows potatoes in this field.


No.-41. Flight attendant:– The flight attendant welcomed us aboard.


No.-42. Fireman:– The fireman sent jets of water into the burning house.


No.-43. Engineer:– The young engineer rejoiced in his success.


List of Occupations:-

No.-44. Carpenter:– The carpenter was hammering in his workshop.


No.-45. Architect:– He is the architect who planned the new shopping centre.


No.-46. Boxer:– The boxer has fought many opponents.


No.-47. Cameraman:– A cameraman and the art director were injured in the incident.


No.-48. Journalist: – My job as a journalist is to expose the truth.


No.-49. Housewife:– I don’t want to be a housewife after marriage.


No.-50. Diver: – She wants to become a diver.


No.-51. Pope: – He was the first pope to visit the White House.


No.-52. Priest: – She asked the priest to pray with her.


No.-53. Salesman: – He is still a salesman and can relate to the situation.


No.-54. Librarian: – The librarian entered a new book in the catalogue.


No.-55. Pirate: – Edward played at being a pirate.






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