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List of Electronic Devices in English

List of Electronic Devices in English
Written by Rakesh Kumar

List of Electronic Devices in English


List of Electronic Devices in English : – In this section we will read about List of Electronic Devices in English and what are the examples of List of Electronic Devices in English , we will read in detail about all these.


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In this article, we are going to learn the names of the 100 most common electronic devices you can find around your house or your office.


List of Electronic Devices: –

Following is a list of 100 common electronic devices in English:


Air purifier

Air conditioner

Alarm clock

Backup charger

Bread maker

Banknote counter


Bluetooth speaker



Car toy

Ceiling fan



Clothes dryer

Coffee maker



Curling iron

Digital camera


Doorbell camera


Dvd player

Electric frying pan

Electric grill


Electric guitar

Electric pencil sharpener

Exhaust fan

Electric razor

Electric stove

External hard drive


Facial cleansing machine


Fish tank

Floor lamp

Game controller


Grandfather clock

Hair dryer


Inkjet printer





Kitchen scale

Hair straightening machine

Laser printer

Lawn mower


Meat grinder





Mosquito racket


Mp3 player

Oil-free fryer




Pressure cooker





Reading lamp


Remote control

Rice cooker


Robotic vacuum cleaner

Sandwich maker



Sewing machine

Smart television








USB drive

Vacuum cleaner


Washing machine


Water pumps

Water purifier

Wall fan

Water heater


Wifi modem


Electronic Devices with Pictures and Examples


Air purifier: -How to select the most suitable air purifier for us?


Air conditioner: It’s hot in here. Isn’t the air conditioner working?


Alarm clock: I’ve set my alarm clock for six tomorrow.


Backup charger: Do you have backup charger?


Bread maker: She has an electric blender, electric toaster, and electric bread maker.


Banknote counter: A banknote counter or bill counter is a device designed primarily to accurately count a number of banknotes.


Blender: -Dribble the hot mixture slowly into the blender.


Bluetooth speaker: I’ve bought a blue Bluetooth speaker.


Bulb: -The light bulb needs renewing.


Calculator:-This pocket calculator needs two batteries.


Car toy: -The children are playing with car toys.


Ceiling fan:-There was no air conditioning, just a ceiling fan turning slowly.


Chandelier: -The chandelier depends on the ceiling of the ballroom.


Clock: -We worked round the clock to finish the job.


Clothes dryer:-We decided not to buy a clothes dryer because we were stuck for space.


Coffee maker:-Each room has a refrigerator, coffee maker, and dryer.


Computer: -A new computer system entails a lot of re-training.


Copier:-The new device is a combination of copier, fax, image scanner, and document printer.


Curling iron:-My curling iron always blows a fuse.


Digital camera:-The new QuickTake 200 is a digital camera that records photographs in computer memory.


Dishwasher:-Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your new dishwasher.


Doorbell camera:-A smart doorbell camera guards your front doorstep and lets you screen visitors—even when you’re not home.


Drill:-I need a drill to make a hole.


DVD player: -I would recommend that you buy a DVD player instead of a VCR.


Earphones:-The earphones were held in place by a headband.


100 Common Electronic Devices in English with


Electric frying pan:-Food cooked in an electric frying pan is very delicious.


Electric grill:-A small little kitchen appliance company wanted him to endorse a little two-sided electric grill and put his name on it.


Fan:-He has sued a fan for bootlegging his concerts.


Electric guitar:-I tried without success to imagine an electric guitar being learned in this house.


Electric pencil sharpener:-I’ve bought an electric pencil sharpener for our office.


Exhaust fan: -Each main exhaust pipe shall have one exhaust fan.


Electric razor:-I want to buy an electric razor this weekend.


Electric stove: -What is the power of this electric stove?


External hard drive:-I saved the document onto my external hard drive.


Facial cleansing machine:-I use a facial cleansing machine for my face.


Fax:-Fax machines were a wonderful invention at the time.


Fish tank:-The large fish tank is set into the back wall most tastefully.


Floor lamp:- If use a marble lamp or floor lamp, the effect will be better.


Game controller:-Use this wizard to calibrate the axes of your game controller.


Garage:-Don’t forget to put the car in the garage.


Grandfather clock:-A grandfather clock ticked away in a corner.


Hair dryer:-Bedrooms all have air-conditioning, hair dryer, small balcony, and side sea view.


Headset:-The headset, which has a 6-foot cable, plugs into the microphone input at the back of the computer.


Inkjet printer:-The world’s first inkjet printer was born in 1984, HP Company.


iPod:-When the iPod first hit the market only die-hard Apple fans bought it. Today, however, iPods are ubiquitous.



List of Electronic Devices

Iron: -You can do more than strike while the iron is hot; you can make the iron hot by striking.


Juicer: -He was there to talk about his juicer, which makes fresh juice from fruits and vegetables.


Kettle:-Steam rose from the boiling kettle.


Kitchen scale:-

Our main products: E-price scale, Electronic platform scale, electronic kitchen scale, health scale, jewelry scale and mechanical weighing apparatus, etc.


Hair straightening machine: -She’s bought a hair straightening machine.


Laser printer: -The laser printer is incompatible with the new computer.


Lawn mower: -Your big lawn mower is just the job for the high grass.


Lift: – Take the lift to the fifth floor.


Meat grinder: -Put the cut fish meat into the meat grinder, and then the fish paste is finished.


Microphone: -Hold the microphone in a firm grip and keep it still.


Microwave: -She has a microwave but uses it mainly for defrosting bread.


Mixer: -Beat eggs and sugar with an electric mixer.


Monitor: -The new monitor apparatus is automatically controlled.


Mosquito racket:- The Godrej HIT Anti mosquito racquet is powered by a rechargeable 400 mAh battery, which lasts up to one month with a single charge.


Mouse: -Thousands of kids have used the computer mouse to click on objects on the computer screen and watch them move.


Mp3 player: -Main production and sales: MP3 player, Cinecamera, digital camera, an excellent one, etc.!


Oil-free fryer: – My mom has bought an oil-free fryer to cook healthily.


Piano: -I taught myself how to play the piano.


Oven: -She put a leg of mutton into the oven to roast it for supper.


Plotter: -Connecting a plotter to a computer is generally just the same as connecting a printer, at least in terms of the interface.



Electronic Devices with Pictures and Examples


Pressure cooker: -The salesman demonstrated how to cook with a pressure cooker.


Printer: -Can I connect my printer to your computer?


Projector: -She used an overhead projector to illustrate her talk.


Radiator: -Where’s the key for turning off the radiator?


Radio: -We find advertising on the radio very effective.


Reading lamp: -She turned the silver candlestick into a reading lamp.


Refrigerator: -He collected some orange juice from the refrigerator and, glass in hand, strolled to the kitchen window.


Remote control: -Have you seen the remote control for the TV anywhere?


Rice cooker: -Our products cover rice cooker, roaster oven, enamel dishware, etc.


Safe: -She locked all her valuables in a safe.


Robotic vacuum cleaner: -A robotic vacuum cleaner often called a Roomba as a generic trademark, is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner which has intelligent programming and a limited vacuum floor cleaning system.


Sandwich maker: -A sandwich maker is a kitchen appliance, which makes the entire process of making a sandwich a lot easier and comes in a lot of functionalities, such as grilling and toasting with varying slice capacities and color combinations.


Scale: -On a global scale, 77% of energy is created from fossil fuels.


Scanner: -The scanner checks this and reports any errors.


Sewing machine: -It’s so annoying having to drag out the sewing machine every time I want to make a dress.


Smart television: -Almost every family in the village owns a smart television.


Smartphone: -That case you bought for your smartphone looked pretty spiffy when you first slipped it on.


Speakers: -Speakers are sold as add-ons for personal stereos.


Tablet: -They put up a marble tablet in memory of his father.


Common Electronic Devices in English


Television: -Television is an effective means of communication.


Timer: -The heater is on a timer switch.


Toaster: -Do you want to exchange this toaster for another or do you want your money back?


Torch: -The burglar shone his torch into the dark room.


USB drive: -Buyers with an external DVD drive can simply hook it up to their netbook, for example, or those purchasing the downloadable version could load it on their own USB drive.


Vacuum cleaner: -He could also learn to use the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and other household appliances.


Walkie-talkie: -The lieutenant was screaming into his walkie-talkie for advice.


Washing machine: -Our washing machine has broken; I’ll ring the electrician.


Watch: -A man, like a watch, is to be valued by his manner of going.


Water pumps: -We rumed out close upon 300 water pumps last week.


Water purifier: -Domestic equipment is run off a new generator and includes a water maker, water purifier, ice maker and microwave.


Wall fan: -Wall fans are fans mounted on the wall to keep the air circulated well throughout the rooms.


Water heater: -You could get a nasty shock from that water heater if it isn’t earthed properly.


Webcam: -You could even watch her on the webcam.


Wifi modem: -We need to change another wifi modem, this one is broken.










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