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How to Introduce Yourself

How to Introduce Yourself
Written by Rakesh Kumar

How to Introduce Yourself


How to Introduce Yourself: – In this section we will read about How to Introduce Yourself  and what are the examples of How to Introduce Yourself,  we will read in detail about all these with examples.


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You might be thinking that you introduce yourself to people all the time, so surely you don’t need a guide about it.


However, there are ways that you can give a self-introduction to send across the right sort of message.


What do you say when you meet someone new? Introduce yourself of course!


In this lesson, you will learn how to confidently introduce yourself in English.


Introduce Yourself:-  



No.-1.What’s your name?


No.-1. My name is …/ I’m …

No.-2. My full/ first/ last name is …

No.-3. You can call me / They call me / Please call me / Everyone calls me …

No.-4. My nickname is …



No.-1. Where are you from?

No.-2. Where do you come from?

No.-3. Where were you born?


No.-1. I’m from …

No.-2. I hail from …

No.-3. I come from …

No.-4. My hometown is …

No.-5. I’m originally from … (country)

No.-6. I’m … (nationality)

No.-7. I was born in …


Self Introduction Casually


No.-1. Where do you live?

No.-2. What’s your address?


No.-1. I live in …

No.-2. My address is … (city)

No.-3. I live on … (name) street.

No.-4. I live at …

No.-5. I spent most of my life in …

No.-6. I have lived in … for/ since …

No.-7. I grew up in …



No.-1. How old are you?


No.-1. I’m … years old.

No.-2. I’m …

No.-3. I’m over/ almost/ nearly …

No.-4. I am around your age.

No.-5. I’m in my early twenties/ late thirties.

No.-6. Introduce Your Family



No.-1. Do you have any siblings?


No.-1. There are … (number) people in my family.

No.-2. They are …

No.-3. There are … (number) of us in my family.

No.-4. My family has … (number) people.

No.-5. I live with my …

No.-6. I am the only child.

No.-7. I don’t have any siblings.

No.-8. I have … brothers and … (number) sister.



No.-1. What is your date of birth?

No.-2. When is your birthday?

No.-3. What is your phone number?


No.-1. My birthday is on …

No.-2. My phone number is …



No.-1. What do you do?

No.-2. What do you do for living?

No.-3. What’s your job?

No.-4. What sort of work do you do?

No.-5. What line of work are you in?

No.-6. What did you want to be when you grew up?



Self-Introduction Samples


No.-1. I am a/ an …

No.-2. I work as a/ an …

No.-3. I work for (company) … as a/ an …

No.-4. I’m unemployed.

No.-5. I am out of work.

No.-6. I have been made redundant.

No.-7. I am between jobs.

No.-8. I earn my living as a/ an …

No.-9. I am looking for a job.

No.-10. I am looking for work.

No.-11. I’m retired.

No.-12. I would like to be a/ an …

No.-13. I want to be a/ an …

No.-14. I used to work as a/ an … at … (places)

No.-15. I just started as … in the … department.

No.-16. I work in/at a … (places)

No.-17. I have been working in … (city) for … years.


Introduce Your Hobbies:


No.-1.What’s your hobby?

No.-2.What do you like?

No.-3.What do you like to do?

No.-4. What’s your favorite … ?


No.-1. I like/ love/ enjoy/ … (sports/ movies/ …/)

No.-2. I am interested in …

No.-3. I am good at …

No.-4. My hobby is …

No.-5. I am interesting in …

No.-6. My hobbies are …

No.-7. My hobby is …

No.-8. My favorite sport is …

No.-9. My favorite color is …

No.-10. I have a passion for …

No.-11. My favorite singer/ band is …

No.-12. My favorite place is …

No.-13. I sometimes go to … (places), I like it because …

No.-14. I don’t like/ dislike/ hate …

No.-15. My favorite food/drink is …

No.-16. it’s relaxing/ popular/ nice/ …

No.-17. My favorite day of the week is … because …there are many things to see and do

No.-18. This is one of the most beautiful places I have been visited.

No.-19. I can relax there




No.-1. it’s relaxing/ popular/ nice/ …

No.-2. Reading, painting, drawing

No.-3. Playing computer games

No.-4. No.-1.Surfing the Internet

No.-5. Collecting stamps/ coins/ …

No.-6.Going to the cinema

No.-7.Playing with friends

No.-8.Chatting with best friends

No.-9.Going to the park/ beach/ zoo/ museum

No.-10.Listening to music

No.-11.Shopping, singing, dancing, travelling, camping, hiking

No.-12.Movies: action movies, comedy, romance, horror, document, thriller, cartoons

No.-13. Sports: volleyball, badminton, tennis, yoga, cycling, running, fishing



No.-1.What do you like doing in your free time?

No.-2. What do you do in your spare time?


No.-1.In my free time, I like …

No.-2. I like … when I’m free.

No.-3.At weekends I sometimes go to … (places)



No.-1. Where do you study?

No.-2. What do you study?

No.-3. What is your major?


No.-1.I’m a student at … (school)

No.-2.I study at …/ I am at …/ I go to … (school)

No.-3.I study … (majors)

No.-4.My major is …

No.-5.Majors in English: accounting, advertising, arts, biology, economics, history, humanities, marketing, journalism, sociology, philosophy, …



No.-1. Why do you study English?

No.-2. Do you speak English?

No.-3.How long have you been learning English?

No.-4 How long have you learned English?


No.-1. I study English because …

No.-2.I can speak English very well.

No.-3. I’ve been learning English for/ since …

No.-4.I can express myself and communicate in English.




No.-1. I like it a lot

No.-2. I love it.

No.-3. I think it’s important

No.-4. I have to

No.-5.It’s very important and necessary.

No.-6. I want to learn more about this language.

No.-7.I love to improve my English skills.



Introduce Your Education


No.-1.Which grade are you in?

No.-2.Which year are you in?


No.-1. I’m in … grade.

No.-2. I’m in my first/ second/ third/ final year.

No.-3. I am a freshman.

No.-4.I graduated from …

No.-5.My previous school was …



No.-1.What’s your favorite subject?


No.-1.My favorite subject is …

No.-2. I am good at … (subjects)

No.-3.Subjects: Math, English, Physics, Physical Education, Science, Music, …


Introduce Your Marital status:-


No.-1.What is your marital status?

No.-2. Are you married?

No.-3. Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?


No.-1. I’m married/ single/ engaged/ divorced.

No.-2. I’m not seeing/ dating anyone.

No.-3. I’m not ready for a serious relationship.

No.-4. I’m going out with a … (someone)

No.-5. I’m in a relationship.

No.-6. I’m in an open relationship.

No.-7.It’s complicated.

No.-8. I have a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ lover/ …

No.-9.I’m in love with … (someone)

No.-10. I’m going through a divorce.

No.-11. I have a husband/ wife.

No.-12. I’m a happily married man/ woman.

No.-13. I have a happy/ unhappy marriage.

No.-14.My wife/ husband and I, we’re separated.

No.-15. I am available.

No.-16. I haven’t found what I’m looking for.

No.-17. I’m ready for a rebound relationship.

No.-18. I’m a widow/ widower.

No.-19. I’m still looking for the one.

No.-20. I (don’t) have … (number) children.


Introducing yourself is much more than saying your name. You need to tell some more information about yourself in English.


Introducing yourself to strangers can be tricky because what you say depends on the context, situation (in a job interview, in an email, or give self-introduction in an English class).


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