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Household Appliances

Household Appliances
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Household Appliances


Household Appliances: – In this section we will read about Household Appliances in English and what are the examples of this in English, we will read in detail about all these.


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In this modern day and age, there are a whole host of household appliances and there are new ones being invented and integrated into the home all the time.


When attempting to communicate in English, it can be a huge advantage to be able to refer to the different household appliances with their English names.


Home appliances list:-

This is particularly useful if you are living with native English speakers and need to talk about an appliance, for example ‘do you know where the iron is?’


In this section, you are going to learn the names of the various appliances that are commonly found around the house.


Electrical home appliances list  wattage household appliances


Home Appliances List:-

Coffee maker





Crock pot

Rice cooker

Pressure cooker

Bachelor griller



Light bulb



Clothes iron

Electric drill


Water cooker

Water purifier


Home appliances list with pictures:-

Kitchen hood

Electric guitar

Vacuum cleaner

Electric fan

Evaporative cooler

Air conditioner





Clothes dryer

Washing machine



Learn these household appliances names to increase your English vocabulary words.


Repairing household appliances


Household Appliances Names with Examples:-


No.-1. Coffee maker: – Clarissa ran out and bought a large electric coffee maker for $ 40 before the dinner.


No.-2. Blender: – Pour over dry ingredients, cover and whirl in blender for about 1 minute.


No.-3. Mixer: – Beat eggs and sugar with an electric mixer.


No.-4. Toaster: – She had been the first to buy a toaster.


No.-5. Microwave: – She has a microwave, but uses it mainly for defrosting bread.



Electronics home appliances list with pictures:-

No.-6. Crock pot: – Many of your favorite dishes can be altered to slow cooking in a crock pot.


No.-7. Rice cooker: – Rice may also cooked using a gas stove or rice cooker.


No.-8. Pressure cooker: – The pressure cooker reduces the cooking time.


No.-9. Bachelor griller (U.K): – I have a bachelor griller.


No.-10. Stove: – The soup is warming up on the stove.


Household appliances list


No.-11. Lamp: – She switched on the bedside lamp.


No.-12. Light bulb: – The light bulb needs renewing.


No.-13. Lantern: – The lantern hung from the roof.


No.-14. Torch: – She flashed the torch as a signal.


No.-15. Clothes iron: – I scorched my dress with the clothes iron.


No.-16. Electric drill: – Can you work an electric drill?



Home appliances list with price:-

No.-17. Kettle: – I’ll put the kettle on and make us some tea.


No.-18. Water cooker (U.K)/ Electric kettle/ Hot pot (U.S): – I don’t like the design of this electric kettle.


No.-19. Water purifier: – He wants to sell water purifiers.


No.-20. Kitchen hood: – My sister is cleaning kitchen hood.


No.-21. Electric guitar: – I started to play the electric guitar in high school.


No.-22. Vacuum cleaner: – He could hear the whirr of a vacuum cleaner.


Household appliances repair


No.-23. Electric fan: – There is an electric fan in our room.


No.-24. Evaporative cooler: – Another way to keep food fresh is to use an evaporative cooler.


No.-25. Air conditioner: – The room is cooled with air conditioner.


No.-26. Oven: – Bread is baked in an oven.


No.-27. Dishwasher: – We bought the dishwasher on credit.



Household appliances vocabulary:-

No.-28. Television: – We stayed up late to see the film on television.


No.-29. Speaker: – I need a new speaker.


No.-30. Clothes dryer: – The clothes dryer gets very hot.


No.-31. Washing machine: – Throw your dirty clothes in the washing machine.


No.-32. Refrigerator: – The refrigerator keeps your food at a constant temperature.










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