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Geometric Lines Names in English

Geometric Lines Names in English
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Geometric Lines Names in English


Geometric Lines Names in English: – In this section we will read about Geometric Lines Names in English and what are the examples of this in English, we will read in detail about all these.


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Geometric lines tattoo:-

Geometric Lines Names in English with Pictures


Whether you wish to learn the names of geometric lines for professional reasons or simply to better be able to refer to things in your day to day speech, this section is the best place to start.


Geometric lines in art


If you are trying to describe something, for example, a diagonal line, this knowledge is very useful to have.


This is a great way to create a wider English vocabulary and will also benefit you in both spoken and written English. Understanding these words will also help with your reading since lines are often used as descriptive terms in writing.


Definition of Geometric Lines:-

A line is a figure in geometry, which has only length and no width in a two-dimensional plane and extends infinitely in opposite directions.


Geometric Lines:-


Geometric lines art


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List of Geometric Lines:-




Parallel lines







Line Names with Examples and Pictures:-


No.-1.Straight: – Draw a straight line across the top of the page.


No.-2.Diagonal: – They fly in long diagonal lines or large V-shapes.


No.-3.Vertical: – The vertical line makes an angle with the horizontal line.


No.-4.Parallel lines: – There are three parallel lines.


Geometric lines examples


No.-5.Curved: – Architecturally speaking, a curved line can support much more weight than a straight line.


No.-6.Horizontal: – The teacher drew a long, horizontal line across the blackboard.


No.-7.Dotted: –  Cut along the dotted line.


No.-8.Wavy: – She drew a wavy line under the word.


No.-9.Zigzag: – It is a zigzag line.










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