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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables: – In this section we will read about Fruits and Vegetables in English and what are the examples of Fruits and Vegetables, we will read in detail about all these.


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Fruits Vocabulary:-

If you are in an English speaking country you may decide to go out for something to eat, or perhaps you might go shopping for food and experience the need to ask for a specific fruit or vegetable.


In this case, you will need to know the correct English names for fruits and vegetables.


There are many different fruits and vegetables but it doesn’t have to be difficult to learn them all, simply learning a few each day can greatly build your vocabulary.


Fruit Names: –

No.-1. Apple

No.-2. Watermelon

No.-3. Orange

No.-4. Pear

No.-5. Cherry

No.-6. Strawberry

No.-7. Nectarine

No.-8. Grape

No.-9. Mango

No.-10. Blueberry

No.-11. Pomegranate

No.-12. Carambola(U.K)

No.-13. Starfruit (U.S)

No.-14. Plum

No.-15. Banana

No.-16. Raspberry


Fruits and Vegetables Vocabulary in English:-

No.-17. Mandarin

No.-18. Jackfruit

No.-19. Papaya

No.-20. Kiwi

No.-21. Pineapple

No.-22. Lime

No.-23. Lemon

No.-24. Apricot

No.-25. Grapefruit

No.-26. Melon

No.-27. Coconut

No.-28. Avocado

No.-29. Peach


 Vegetables Vocabulary in English


Vegetables Name:-

No.-1. Corn

No.-2. Mushroom

No.-3. Broccoli

No.-4. Cucumber

No.-5. Red pepper/red bell pepper

No.-6. Pineapple

No.-7. Tomato

No.-8. Swede/rutabaga (U.S.)

No.-9. Carrot

No.-10. Brussels sprout

No.-11. Pumpkin

No.-12. Cabbage

No.-13. Potato

No.-14. Eggplant

No.-15. Sweet potato

No.-16. Turnip

No.-17. Courgette (U.K.)

No.-18. Zucchini (U.S.)

No.-19. Green chilli

No.-20. Onion

No.-21. Lettuce

No.-22. Radish

No.-23. Pea

No.-24. Asparagus

No.-25. Celery

No.-26. Green pepper

No.-27. French beans

No.-28. Spinach

No.-29. Beetroot/beet (U.S.)

No.-30. Red chillies/red chili peppers (U.S.)

No.-31. Bean


List of Herbs & Spices:-

No.-1. Cilantro/coriander

No.-2. Artichoke

No.-3. Rosemary

No.-4. Bay leaves

No.-5. Mint leaves

No.-6. Basil

No.-7. Clove

No.-8. Olive

No.-9. Shallot

No.-10. Turmeric

No.-11. Garlic

No.-12. Ginger

No.-13. Onion

No.-14. Spring onions/green onions

No.-15. Lemongrass

No.-16. Chives

No.-17. Green chili


A fruit is the seed-bearing structure in flowering plants formed from the ovary after flowering. While, Vegetables are certain parts of plants that are consumed by humans as food such as peas, beans, cabbage, potatoes.










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