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Food names in English

Food names in English
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Food names in English


Food names in English: – In this section we will read about Food names in English and what are the examples of Food names in English, we will read in detail about all these.


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When learning English there are many reasons why you might need to know the names of different foods.


Types of Food and Drinks:-

If you are in a restaurant, you will need to be able to not only read the menu, but also ask for certain foods. This is especially important if you have an allergies which you need to make people aware of.


You might also like to talk to people about what foods you like and dislike, for example if you have been invited to a dinner party and have been asked what foods you prefer.


There are a huge amount of reasons to learn English food names you will be able to do just that.


Food Vocabulary Words List: –






No.-6.Cottage cheese

No.-7.Ice cream




No.-11.Sour cream


No.-13.Hot dog



Food Vocabulary in English: –



No.-17.Roast chicken







Learn types of food & drinks in English with Examples: –

No.-1.Cheese: -This cake tastes like it has cheese in it.


No.-2.Egg: – I always have a boiled egg for breakfast.


No.-3.Butter: – You can substitute oil for butter in this recipe.


No.-4.Margarine: – This margarine is full of additives – just look at the label!


No.-5.Yogurt: – Yogurt is usually very low in fat.


No.-6.Cottage cheese: – I like cottage cheese with fruit.



Useful Food Vocabulary in English


No.-7.Ice cream: – Ice cream is popular among children.


No.-8.Cream: – She skimmed the milk of its cream.


No.-9.Sandwich: – I usually have a sandwich for lunch.



Learn types of food & drinks in English with pictures: –

No.-10.Sausage: – She sliced off a piece of sausage.


No.-11.Hamburger: – I’d like a hamburger and an iced tea.


No.-12.Hot dog: – He bought a hot dog and had it covered with all the fixings.


No.-13.Bread: – She took up a slice of bread, broke it nervously, then put it aside.


No.-14.Pizza: – He cut the pizza into bite-sized pieces.


No.-15.Steak: – The steak is so delicious that he’s licking his lips.


No.-16.Roast chicken: – For dinner we’re having a roast chicken.


No.-17.Fish: – I would like some fish.


No.-18.Seafood: – This wine goes particularly well with seafood.


No.-19.Ham: – Would you like another slice of ham/beef?


No.-20.Kebab: – Can you tell me how to make barbecued kebab?


No.-21.Bacon: – We had bacon and eggs for breakfast.


No.-22.Sour cream: – The recipe says you can substitute yoghurt for the sour cream.








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