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Classroom Objects

Classroom Objects

Classroom Objects:- In this topic, you will be learning the English names of common Classroom Objects and building your vocabulary in the process.


If you are spending time in an English speaking country and are often in a classroom environment, you will need to be able to give the correct English names of various classroom objects. Learn English names of classroom objects, items that you can find in a classroom.


The objects that help students during the learning process, such as pen, pencil, books, sharpener are

Classroom objects.


The lesson is very useful for English students to improve their classroom and school vocabulary in English.


List of Classroom Objects:




Pencil case







Pencil sharpener






Scotch tape



Paint brush


Set square




Rubber(U.K) – eraser (U.S)


Test tube





Coloured pencil (U.K) – Colored pencils (U.S)

File holder





Magnifying glass


List of common Classroom Items

No.-1. Desk

There are 30 desks in my class.


No.-1. Chair

You shouldn’t stand in your chair like this!


No.-2. Book

A good book is your best friend.


No.-3. Notebook

Sophie’s notebook is covered with stickers.


No.-4. Pencil case

My pencil case is big and mice. I like it.


No.-5. Backpack

The backpack is for Mary for her new school year.


No.-6. Scissors

Don’t use these scissors to cut paper or card.


No.-7. Compass

A compass needle always points north.


No.-8. Pins

The map had a lot of little pins stuck into it.


No.-9. Clip

She fastened the papers together with a paper clip.


No.-10. Pencil

There is a pencil in the box.


No.-11. Coloured pencil (U.K) – Colored pencils (U.S)

He was rolling a coloured/ colored pencil between his fingers.


No.-12. Pencil sharpener

Nobody else has a pencil sharpener.


No.-13. Stapler

She stapled the papers together with the stapler.


No.-14. Calculator

Students are not allowed to use a calculator in this exam.


No.-15. Ballpoint

We aren’t allowed to write in ballpoint at school.


No.-16. Highlighter

Use a highlighter to reinforce ideas you want to remember.


No.-17. Rubber(U.K) – eraser (U.S)

Trust is like a rubber/ an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.


No.-18. Scotch tape

A slip of paper was attached with scotch tape.


List common Classroom Objects

No.-19. Paint

Apply the paint with a fine brush.


No.-20. Palette

Life is a palette, you put colors on it. Let your past make you better, not bitter.


No.-21. Paint brush

Additionally, paint brushes can be cleaned in water.


No.-22. Protractor

This compass serves as a protractor.


No.-23. Set square

A simple method of estimating refractive index of glass prism using only a pencil and a set square is presented.


No.-24. Ruler

This ruler has one scale in centimeters and another in inches.


No.-25. Glue

Apply the glue evenly over both surfaces.


No.-26. Beaker

Transfer the contents to a beaker, make up the volume to around 300 ml.


No.-27. Flask

Our teacher used a big flask in the experiment.


No.-28. Test tube

Please rub the surface of the test tube dry before doing the experiment.


No.-29. Funnel

I need a funnel to pour petrol into the tank.


No.-30. Binder

Keep all your printouts in a folder or a binder and start putting together your own guide book and itinerary.


No.-31. Computer

Can I connect my printer to your computer?


No.-32. Paper

Please write in pen on both sides of the paper.


No.-33. File holder

Please put these documents in a file holder.


No.-34. Map

The map had a lot of little pins stuck into it.


No.-35. Magnifying glass

He uses a magnifying glass to read tiny print.


No.-36. Clock

The clock has just struck twelve.


No.-37. Blackboard

The teacher told us to look at the blackboard.


No.-38. Globe

We use a globe in our geography class.




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