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Assamese GK 2022. Assamese General knowledge for Competitive Exams

Assamese GK 2022. Assamese General knowledge for Competitive Exams
Written by Rakesh Kumar

The process of written examination for Grade-III posts has done Assam Recruitment As the examination process is over, the appearing candidates have started their searc

The process of written examination for Grade-III posts has done Assam Recruitment As the examination process is over, the appearing candidates have started their search for Assam Government Recruitment Axam Queasion and Answer.

Assamese GK 2022

No.-1. Assam Government Recruitment Exam Solved Question Paper for the written exam.

No.-2.The candidates who are eagerly waiting for the exam solution can download it through the official portal or can use the direct link given on this page.

No.-3. If you have any objection to any answer given in the official key then you can submit your objection with the reference evidence on or before the last date of objection.

Assamese GK 2022

No.-1.  In which year was Google invented?

Answer: 1998

No.-2. When was crude oil first discovered in Assam?

Answer: 1857

No.-3. How many sub-divisions are there in Assam at present?

Answer: 78 countries

No.-4. Who was the first Ahom king to assume the title of ‘Swarga Narayan’?

Answer: Chuhungmu

No.-5. When is National Science Day celebrated?

Answer: On 24th February

No.-6. When was the Battle of Alabai fought?

Answer: 1669

No.-7. Where is the Forest Research Center in Assam?

Answer: It is in Jorhat.

No.-8. In which ocean is the Bermuda Triangle located?

Answer: Indian Ocean

No.-9. In which year did Huyen Chang visit Assam?

Answer: In 640 AD

No.-10. Where was the first session of the Brahma Samaj held?

Answer: In Calcutta

No.-11. What is the name of the Rural Court of the Michings?

Answer: Kaubang

No.-12. When was the first Battle of Tarain fought?

Answer: 1191

No.-13. Who is the author of the travel story ‘Letters from England’?

Answer: Gyanadaviram Baruah

No.-14. On which date is Black Day celebrated?

Answer: On 30th October.

No.-15. Which is the most smoking country in the world?

Answer: China

No.-16. The history of Assam is divided into what parts?

Answer: In 4 parts

No.-17. Why is Hudum Puja celebrated in Goal Para?

Answer: As a symbol of agricultural fertility

No.-18. What is the name of the capital city of Ireland?

Answer: Dublin

No.-19. Who wrote the book Harsha Charit?

Answer: Banbhat

No.-20. Which crop benefited most from the Green Revolution?

Answer: Wheat

Assamese GK 2022

No.-21. Who is the author of the book ‘Young India’ ?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

No.-22. Who is the chief deity of Vaishnavism?

Answer: Lord Vishnu

No.-23.  What was the ancient name of Kachar?

Answer: Hirimba

No.-24. In whose days was the Hoygriva Madhava Temple built in Hajo?

Answer: Raghudev

No.-25. In which year was Delhi recognized as the Capital of India?

Answer: 1931

No.-26. How many World Heritage Sites are there in Assam?

Answer: 2 countries

No.-27. When is National Voter’s Day celebrated?

Answer: 25 January

No.-28.  The mountain range between the Brahmaputra and Barak valleys?

Answer: Borail

No.-29. What is the new name of Mysore?

Answer: Karnataka

No.-30. What is the name of the play based on history?

Answer: Jaymati Kunwari

No.-31. In which year was the Assamese Literary Chara established?

Answer: 1872

No.-32. How many types of GST are there?

Answer: There are 4 types

No.-33. Who was the founder of Cotton College?

Answer: It was Henry Cotton

No.-34. Who was the first Ahom king to write history in Assamese?

Answer: Swarganarayana

No.-35. When did the Cabinet Mission arrive in India?

Answer: 1946

No.-36. In which year did Governor Banwarilal Purohit confer the title of Luit Kantha on Zubeen Garg?

Answer: 2017

No.-37. Who is the author of ‘Deolangkhui’?

Answer: Rita Chowdhury

No.-38. The Battle of Itakhuli took place during the reign of which Ahom king?

Answer: In the days of Gadadhar Singh.

No.-39. Where did Chukafai come from?

Answer: China

No.-40. When is Sati Jaymati Day celebrated?

Answer: On 27 March.

Assamese GK 2022 pdf

No.-41. What is the basis of Assamese culture?

Answer: Coordination

No.-42. Which planet has no satellites?

Answer: Mercury

No.-43. What is the marriage custom of the Ahoms known by?

Answer: Chaklang

No.-44. Who wrote the ‘Namghosa’?

Answer: Sri Sri Madhavade

No.-45. Who is known as the poet of ‘Love and Radhali’?

Answer: Hiren Bhattacharya

No.-46.​​What is the Ahom drama of Gadadhar Singh?

Answer: Chupatpha

No.-47. In which year did Queen Victoria ascend the British throne?

Answer: 1837

No.-48. Who is the author of Discovery of Assam’ ?

Answer: Satish Chandra Kakati

No.-49. Who built the stone bridge of Namdang?

Answer: Rudra Singh

No.-50. Who gave Laxminath Bezbaruah the title of ‘Rasaraj’?

Answer: The Assam Sahitya Sabha

No.-51. Who celebrates the festival of ‘Chandubi’?

Answer: Ravana

No.-52. Who appoints the members of the Finance Commission?

Answer: The President

No.-53. What was the second capital of the Ahoms?

Answer: Garhwal

No.-54. Who recognizes a bill as a financial bill?

Answer: The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

No.-55. When was the Assamese Literary Society established in Calcutta?

Answer: 1872

No.-56. Who was the person who sponsored the adoption of the National Education Policy 1986?

Answer: Rajiv Gandhi

No.-57.  Who is the President of India?

Answer: The President

No.-58. Who created the Bezbaruah post?

Answer: Rudra Singh

No.-59. What is called the last battle to restore independence in Assam?

Answer: The Battle of Mahagarh

No.-60. Who was the first President of independent India?

Answer: Rajendra Prasad

Assamese GK pdf  2022

No.-61. How many men did Chukapha bring with him?

Answer: 9000

No.-62. Who was the first king of Koch Bihar?

Answer: Lakshmi Narayan

No.-63. How many years is the term of office of the President of India?

Answer: 5 years

No.-64. Which animal was most commonly used in the wars of Old Assam?

Answer: Elephants

No.-65. What is the chemical name of common salt?

Answer: Sodium chloride

No.-66. In which city was the first aircraft landed on North Eastern soil?

Answer: Jorhat

No.-67. In which year was Bhupen Hazarika awarded the Assam Ratna?

Answer: 2008

No.-68. Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of India?

Answer: The President

No.-69. What is the number of bones in the human mouth?

Answer: 14 bones

No.-70. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

Answer: Aravali

No.-71. Which city is called the ‘Tea City’ of Assam?

Answer: To the city of Dibrugarh

No.-72. What is the ph value of pure drinking water?

Answer: 7

No.-73. In what language did Sankaradeva write the Bargits?

Answer: In Brajavali language

No.-74. In which year was the first Indian satellite (Aryabhatya) launched?

Answer: 1975

No.-75. When did Vasco da Gama come to India?

Answer: 1498

No.-76. Which state of India has the highest road density?

Answer: Kerala

No.-77. What is the total number of Puranas in Hinduism?

Answer: 18 countries

No.-78. Who was the founding editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Prantik’?

Answer: Bhabendra Nath Shaikia

No.-79. Which is the largest man-made pond in Asia?

Answer: Jaisagar Pond

No.-80. Who is the Head of a State Government?

Answer: The Chief Minister

Assamese GK 2022

No.-81. Who is the author of the collection of poems ‘Alkananda’?

Answer: Naliniwala Devi

No.-82. Who is the guardian of the Constitution of India?

Answer: The Supreme Court

No.-83. Who was the author of the first Assamese sonnet?

Answer: Hemchandra Goswami

No.-84. Which organ of the body is affected by pneumonia?

Answer: The lungs

No.-85. Which state of India formed the first non-Congress government?

Answer: Kerala

No.-86. Which place in the world receives the highest amount of rainfall?

Answer: Mouchinram of India

No.-87. What is the name of the country that produces the largest number of films every year?

Answer: India

No.-88. Who is called the ‘Lyricist’ of Assam?

Answer: Parvati Prasad Barua

No.-89. What is the name of the second largest continent in the world?

Answer: Africa

No.-90. What is the name of the largest orange exporter in the world?

Answer: Spain

No.-91. Which system separates India and Sri Lanka?

Answer: The cooking system

No.-92. When was the Boro Sahitya Sabha formed?

Answer: 1952

No.-94. What is the minimum age required for a person to hold the office of President?

Answer: 35 years

No.-95. What is the name of the brightest star in the sky?

Answer: The Sun

No.-96. Shillong is situated on which hill?

Answer: Khasi Hills

No.-97. Which planet has the largest number of satellites in the Solar System?

Answer: Saturn

No.-98. What is the name of the state with the highest acreage of rubber?

Answer: Kerala

No.-99. How many years does Halley’s Comet appear?

Answer: 76 years

No.-100. Who is called the Crab King in Assamese history?

Answer: Chutimpha

No.-101. What is the name of the daughter of King Bhishma?

Answer: Rukmini

No.-102. Who introduced paddy cultivation in Assam?

Answer: The Ahoms

No.-103. Who is the poet of autumn?

Answer: Parvati Prasad Barua

No.-104. How many countries does the Brahmaputra River pass through in total?

Answer: Three

No.-105. In which year was the Assam Chhatra Sammelan formed?

Answer: 1916

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